For Contilines' 100th anniversary, we celebrated the maritime company's milestone by organizing a unique experiential evening in the newly renovated Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp. The entire museum was privatized for the occasion. Following a reception in the grand entrance hall, guests were treated to a private guided tour accompanied by live music spread across three different rooms. Thereafter, everyone was invited to the 'Conti-Gallery,' featuring a long table surrounded by pictures and paintings narrating the past 100 years of Contilines. We draped the entire hall in navy blue curtains and integrated shades of blue into the table setting, honoring maritime themes and reflecting the company's color palette. To enhance the experience within the Conti-Gallery and this historic venue, we curated complementary animations. During dinner, guests were entertained by a live painter capturing the entire table and setting. The evening concluded with another live performance, revealing the founder of Contilines through a glitter and glue act on canvas.


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